provides exclusive, new promotion game licenses for printing on your coasters, beer mats or other drink mats, together with your logo.

Worldwide or national or regional, exclusive or non-exclusive licenses available.

For breweries, mineral water companies, beverage brands, mineral water brands and any other companies, who want to boost a brand by our new, invented games.

No other sales promotion products can beat ALL these advantages:

  1. Your product logo and name under permanent extreme attention!
  2. These games are addicting (try it)! People play them again and again
  3. No extra production costs (your coasters have to be printed anyway)
  4. Low license cost
  5. Exclusive and non-exclusive licenses available
  6. Even the name of the game can be yours: "Yourbrand Game" (exclusive licenses only)

Can you think of any better promotional games to play at bars, clubs, cafés or restaurants? We don't think so. Even more so when your product is available in these places. Think about it. Calculate. Download a game and try it out.
Ask us for possibilities.